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My Story



Welcome to Sister Love Design. My name is Megan. 


SisterLove was born from three sisters travelling to Bali to research opportunities to establish a small import business. 

One particular sister, myself, had been toying with the idea for some time, researching products and ways to import to Australia. 


Always important to me was that the Balinese people and their families were supported and treated fairly in every way.

So whilst sourcing well-produced product, the people were of utmost importance. So no sweatshops here!

Due to the global pandemic, Sister Love was forced to reconsider its product supply. Thus, the website now has a grand selection of Australian made products selected especially for their unique qualities.


I hope you enjoy what I bring and hope to hear from you soon. 


Megan - SisterLove Design xx



Do you provide International delivery?


At this time we do not offer international shipping. Please contact us if you are interested in an international delivery. 

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